Rappa Plugin Development Kit

WARNING: The rappa API is currently out of date. If you are interested in writing rappa transitions or effects, drop me some some mail

I'm not sure if anyone is interested enough to do this, but I have now completed the api for the rappa plugin. You can download the rappa API kit here. It contains

Have a play, mail me with any questions or problems.

Standard Rappa Plugins

These are the rappa plugins that come standard when you download the full plugin zip file. They are available individually here if case of updates.

Name Type Updated Description Author
CircIn Transition 10 Feb 2000 Circular fade away of the current vis. mykel
CircOut Transition 10 Feb 2000 Circular fade in of the new vis. I seem to have got the names around the wrong way for this and CircIn. Ah well. mykel
Fade Transition 19 Jan 2000 Blended fade from old to new vis. mykel
Flash Transition 19 Jan 2000 Flash to white then fade back to the new vis. mykel
Flicker Transition 19 Jan 2000 A fairly ugly effect, just flicker between the old and new vises. mykel
Flip Transition 19 Jan 2000 Flip between the vises as though on a card that is spun. mykel
Flutter Transition 19 Jan 2000 An attempt at a simple flag like effect. mykel
FourUp Transition 19 Jan 2000 Show four vises running then switch to the one in the bottom right. mykel
Ripple Filter 4 Feb 2000 A ripple effect as though the vis were underwater. Even manages to combine well with the various other water effect sonique plugins available. mykel
Sample Transition 19 Jan 2000 A simple wipe from the top to the bottom of the screen. This is the sample transition effect from the API kit help file. mykel
Slide Transition 4 Feb 2000 Slide the new vis in from the right. mykel
SpinIn Transition 19 Jan 2000 The new vis spins and zooms in from the top right corner. mykel
TwoByTwo Transition 19 Jan 2000 Show each of the vises twice at a quarter size. mykel
ZoomIn Transition 2 Mar 2000 The new vis zooms in from the center of the screen mykel
ZoomOut Transition 2 Mar 2000 The old vis zooms away to the center of the screen mykel

Additional Rappa Plugins

These are the rappa plugins that aren't available in the main zip file. While there are currently not many, I'm hoping that some other people may write some and send them to me so I can put them up. In the mean time, I'll put up any new effects I write. Enjoy.

Name Type Updated Description Author
Thirteen Filter 19 Jan 2000 Show the vis thirteen times. Once at quarter size in the center of the screen and twelve smaller images around it. mykel
Box Transition 19 Jan 2000 Place vises on the different faces of a rotating box. mykel